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[Normally you can't get Anko to shut the hell up. Even when she was dying this last event she had that maniacal grin on her face half the time.

Now? Now under the injuries and bandages she looks... subdued. Sort of almost miserable, really, as she looks anywhere but the PCD she herself turned on. She didn't die permanently, but she might as well have, with how shitty she looks.]

I guess... I guess I should. Apologize. Or something.

[She swallows and finally looks to the device, tries for a smile and doesn't quite get there before it falls off her face again instead and she looks down, her ragged bangs hiding her bruised, bandaged, banged-up face from the camera.]

I really did become useless, didn't I?
[Back-dated to earlier today]

[She was doing fine. She was surviving. The whole city, that was their mission right now, just surviving. And that, Anko was always good at. She had to be good at it. One out of ten wasn't an easy statistic, not even when you were in the ten-percent that survived.

But on the third day, it seems as if something has finally given way. Because Anko looks like shit. And more than just the usual, sort of baseline shitty pretty much everyone in the city is seeming by this point. Her hair is down and in disarray, her coat is missing, even her metal mesh shirt is showing wear and tear from three days of non-stop fire and fighting.

Her expression is the most haunting though, for it seems the despair has gotten through to her too, after three days of wearing at her and her own defenses, her own resolution, it has finally broken her. That is how she looks now: utterly broken, and dead emotionally, if not physically--yet, anyway. Because the way she's just sitting there, staring at the PCD like it's a foreign object she doesn't understand, without protection as fire keeps falling around her, can't be healthy for long either.

And then she begins to laugh, the almost-smile dark and twisted and creepy.

The laugh itself is an utterly creepy sound,even mroe hollow and humorless than her usual sarcasm.]

Aelia, wasn't it? Hehehe...

[But whatever she thinks of that Animus, Adstringendum doesn't get to hear it, because something catches her attention and there's a flicker, just a flicker, of something there in her eyes, before it dies again, leaving her blank and expressionless again.]

Fuck it. Haha, we're all gonna burn anyway, huh?

[She looks dispassionately up at a fireball that looks like it's on trajectory to hit her, not moving, not side-stepping. A second or so later it crashes near enough to shower everything in fire and debris, and the feed goes blank.]

[[ooc: Yes Anko is dead, no, it won't be lasting mroe than a minute or two before she answers. Fair warning: over the course of the post, Anko will be getting steadily worse, both in mind and body.]]
[Anko's spent more time than one would think in bed, this last week. Upon waking she's her usual, cheerful, slightly manic self, but. Recovering from that nasty bug she caught last week, that's her excuse. But she doesn't look, when she turns the video on, like she's gotten much rest this whole time. Sitting on the edge of her bed, slumped body posture, bags under her eyes and, when she speaks, she just soundstotally worn out.]

I almost wish it were true. The whole crazy thing.

It would mean... I was back. Home. That I didn't have to--

[She drops her head, struggles to articulate why. Didn't have to feel bad for not protecting people, have to feel guilty for having these stupid, messy emotions, for letting herself get in this mess. She salvages a little dark humor from all this though.]

Heh, not I wouldn't have been sad to find out some of you were figments of my fucked-up imagination. But that's all it would've been. All of it.

That's how I know it isn't though. Wasn't. ...The Animus wouldn't be that kind.

[She straightens--not looking any less tired, but at least looking like she's got some kind of fire left in her still, which is an improvement.]

Anyway. I guess it's pretty officially the cold part of the year. Damn. Any of you idiots manage to do anything useful last week or were you all too busy dreaming?

[When the PCD turns on, she's staring at a knife in her other hand (cheap stainless steel, salvaged, wasn't meant to last very long anyway), noting the way it's sheered off in half, weak metal succumbing to stress and finally breaking when she used it to set off a trap just ahead of her. Her expression isn't the vague annoyance or frustration one might expect, but something weirder, more distant, staring at the knife like it means something.

Or maybe that's just the slight fever she may be running, judging by the fresh bandage on her upper arm and the red streaks beginning to creep along her skin from the wound--if you know your signs of infection, at least.

She finally looks at the PCD she turned on for a reason (right, she still had some of that, supposedly), and grins, half a smile that really doesn't look happy or amused in the least.]

So what good is a tool after it's broken? When it doesn't have a purpose anymore?

[Aaaand that's it. She drops the broken knife and steps over it, and turns off the PCD.]

[OOC: Yes, normally Anko is careful and fastidious about keeping wounds clean and letting them heal, but she accidentally let an open wound on the back of her arm get infected. It's been a tough few weeks, and she's been getting by on telling herself she's fine and just imagining things. Plus going to a medic is for people who are smart! Also people who are not kind of scared of medics...]
Whoa, whoa!

[Anko drops the PCDas she scrambles backwards and into a defensive position, staring at a grave in front of her, a knife already in hand. Seems she stumbled on to one without noticing and whatever she's seeing has her transfixed in horror for a moment or two--

Until she starts laughing. Sits down on the ground and starts laughing.

It doesn't sound entirely sane, that laughter, no... but it's better than screaming or fighting off something only she can see... right?]

Look Rhode, they've taken a leaf out of your book.

[It's muttered half to herself, and then a moment's pause before she starts laughing again, even less-sane-sounding and the feed times out.]

[No, it's not accidental video, she really did set the PCD up. For once. With a good view of her room. Her far too clean and tidy room. For now though, she's just sitting.]

So all your pretty pageants and singing like you wanna impress someone did fuck all to stop one of you getting killed.

Imagine that.

If you want to learn how to really protect yourself, then I, or many others in the city, have always offered to teach you. You don't need chakra or kidou to know how to protect yourself. You do, however, tend to need brains.

Those of you who haven't died yet? Luck won't hold you forever. We're all just play-things, but we can be dangerous ones if we want.

...Now that that's said.

[As if a switch somewhere got flipped, Anko walks over to the rough 'drawer' system she has set up (boxes in cubbyholes made of scavenged wood--it works out well), tugs out a box of clothes (it seems to be panties and shirts in this one) and dumps it out all over the floor.]

It's a start.

It was too damn clean in here.

[She hates it when the Animus mess with her head, so yes, she's rather angry. But 'undoing' all her hard work from last week is rather cathartic. Grinning only a little maniacally, she shuts off the feed.]
[Anko's got her hair tied back under a square of cloth like a kerchief and, even weirder, has found a piece of large square-ish cloth to tie around herself like an apron, and doesn't seem to be wearing her usual fishnets, but instead one of her few less-nice kimono. And, weirdest of all, she seems to be cleaning, judging by the dirty rag in her hand and slightly disheveled state as she turns on the PCD.]

I can't believe I let myself get this place into such a state, honestly. Clothes everywhere, nothing organized, dust over everything...

Nothing a little elbow grease won't fix, but then comes making the house ready for winter. Haruno-san, if you need any help with doing the same I would be quite happy to do so. Or anyone else who needs an extra hand, I suppose.

[She looks back at the rest of the room that still needs doing and sighs]

Back to it then, there will be time for chatting later.
[posted at midnight]

[Anko found dango.

She is now consuming as much dango as possible while perched up in a tree. She still has three sticks in one hand, the other sticks are stuck into the back of the tree behind her. Except for the one with one dumpling left on it in her mouth that she stuck there to have a free hand for the PCD evidently.

She's also really good at speaking around that stick too...]

You know, if this is to make up for the whole taking our powers away bullshit, it's not bad, as far as apologies go.


[She settles the PCD down against the tree so it still has a decent angle of her, before she slides the last dango into her mouth. Chewing, she twirls the wooden skewer between her fingers for a second or two before sseeming to get an idea.

She swallows ans grins at the PCD.]

Easy targets, huh?

[She takes aim at one of the guys running some game she doesn't know. It wouldn't take a con artist (or a ninja) to tell you that it's rigged, even from this far out. Anko aims carefully for a second or two, and then let's fly the wooden skewer with scary accuracy.

Right through the NPC-guy's shoulder as he, his booth, and the rest of the party begin to fade out. Seems the clock has struck midnight.]

Dammit! I woulda got him too~!
[You know what's awesome? MATTRESS RAFTING. Apparently Anko found one wrapped in one of those stupid plastic sheets that do nothing but keep the dust in--and the water out. And turned it into a raft.

Which she is now sitting on, yes, in the middle of a flooded street, not giving a fuck about all this water. She has her coat, even though she's soaked to the skin otherwise, and is shielding her eyes with one hand, her PCD (sort of) with the hand holding it.]

Now if this isn't a fun way to get around--! I mean, the first one didn't last very long, it got water-logged and sank pretty quick but this one has this awesome covering!

[She bounces in the middle of the mattress and it sloshes about precariously. Anko just laughs again.]

Hey, Ellis, I think it floats better than the truck thing! Hell, I think it could probably hold more than just me. Anyone wanna join? Anyone need rescuing, 'cause I can do that too.

[She paddles down the street-lately-turned-river for a few idle seconds with one hand, before seeming to get an idea.]

Oh man, are there any streets where there's hills with water on 'em? maybe there's enough water coming out of the sky for a slide thing...
Accidental Video
[The PCD clatters onto the floor at a weird angle, and it's not immediately apparent that the woman it just barely has on-screen, on her knees and breathing as if she can't, quite, is Anko until she pulls a hand away from her neck and stares at it. ]

This is an out-of-character cut because Anko is Anko and self-destructive violence, PTSD flashbacks and pantslessness are all varying levels of bad.Collapse )

[Voice - a few minutes later]
[Anko sounds cheerful and chipper--and completely unaware of the first PCD post. And she'll stay that way until she thinks to check the network proper.]

So I heard a rumor there's a few newcomers who like their alcohol, and their fun? And of course I know some of you old hands would never say no to a pretty girl like me.

Well I'm always up for both~
[Gone is Anko's customary jacket, replaced by a loosely-draped kimono over her mesh. She's lounging against a tree, alternating between watching antics on the PCD and watching for them in real space. She doesn't look particularly worried.

But as she turns her head, you may catch a glimpse of that mark she typically keeps covered up, beginning to spread further than that simple sandomoe mark. Almost to her chin, in fact, and clearly down her shoulder as well.

It's the curse-seal, unsealed. Just lurking dormant for now.

For now. She turns back to the PCD, makes a faint noise of amusement.

Mmm, it really is quite interesting, this week. All of you, acting like idiots.

I do hope none of you will be damn-fool enough to decide to try and attack me. But if you decide to be the biggest idiot of all...

[She takes a kunai from her sleeve, languidly, stabbing it into the ground by the PCD, and grins, a bloodthirsty edge to it--well at least that hasn't changed much.]

...I'll be right here. Waiting.

[ooc note: replies may be made with snakebound]

Log and OOC: Anko's Dreamscape

Anko's Dreamscape

You enter the dreamscape on what appears to be a dirt road. It looks simple enough. The sun slants down in a late afternoon/early twilight manner and there are trees everywhere along the sides of the road. In front of you is one large-ish-looking wood building, non-descript. Behind you is the tree-line. There are three options:
The description continues under hereCollapse )


You have entered Anko's Dreamscape, whether willingly or no.

What will you do now?
[Forward-dated to Monday morning]

[Anko's pulled out the Very Small Bikini she got last Beach Week and is very happily sunning herself out on a bit of wall in the morning sunlight, kicking her feet in the surf that's lapping up to it.

Beside her on the wall is a few things she apparently brought along with her. A bottle, a covered basket, a few other things, plus the PCD which she picked up.

She's grinning widely at the rays of sun shining on her face, eyes closed. But the post is clearly deliberate, since she takes a moment to talk at the PCD, at no point taking a break in her basking.

So after a week of snow and expecting us to fight to their whims, we get more sun instead.

I'm okay with that.

[Out in the ocean, there's a splashing, and Anko finally opens her eyes to look, and her grin widens.]

Looks like Squid-tan's having fun too.
[ooc: I know I'm on hiatus (and currently on a computer at my uni's library, yes) but like heck Anko was gonna miss out on Beach Week. TAGS WILL BE SLOW. You have been warned.]]
[It is snowing, as the window behind Anko shows. This displeases Anko as she sits in the small kitchen in what has effectively become her house, she's lived there so long. On the kitchen counter. Hey, no one ever said Anko had a proper respect for chairs. No need for a blanket today though, with the skirts of this outfit bunched around her legs. And the mug of tea in her hands is steaming hot, even if the snake around her neck is apparently cold enough still to be sleeping.

Of course, everyone else has been running around like mad, causing all this ruckus...

What a stupid holiday. It's not like any of you can come to an agreement over what the damn day's about anyhow.

At least with the new year no one argues that it's the start of, well. A new year.

So, no, stupid holiday. You're not getting anything from me for Christmas.

[She grins at the PCD, then shuts it off.]

[ooc: What a Scrooge! But it's okay, Adstring, some of you will still be getting things before New Year's. She just said 'not for Christmas', after all. And she's polite enough to reutnr the favor of any gifts she gets, before the new year. Really really.]

[Anko's sitting around, bundled up fairly well... except where the blanket she's wrapped in is drooping off her shoulders and she seems to have nothing on her legs but veeeery long socks. Lust? Who needs an event for *that* sin? She's also lounging around, drinking something from a chipped ceramic mug, and cruising the network. Where something's bothering her...]

So a bunch of you are really naive, huh? When it comes to things like sex and nudity, at least. This last event certainly made that clear enough. Even when it comes to just taking care of things yourself...

Funny how many of you can deal with killing things and dying things, but sex? Noooo.

Tch. [Anko contemplates her cup full of, um. Something, before grinning back at the PCD again.]

I think I've threatened it before and I'll threaten it again: Gotta learn to be mature about these sorts of things, boys and girls. And if you won't teach yourselves, well.

I have got plenty of experience, you know. In teaching that is. [And in other things too, but hush.] Gotta pass on vital knowledge, and all that. Especially of, ah... vital regions and functions, right?

Anyway, most of you are too shy or too damn uptight to take me up on that offer. Your loss~

[She toasts the PCD, and her potential students, and then ends the feed.]
[Unusually for Anko, there's a half-finished sweet bun on the table. Unusual in that it's *half-finished*, and she's not nomming the rest of it currently. Instead, she's just leaning there with her elbows on the table, staring at it miserably.]

Sweets taste like nothing.

[Her head thunks down on the table in exasperation.] Urrrrgh, what the hell, Animus?

[She stays like that for a few minutes more. Before she drags her head up and leans heavily on her hands.]

I guess that means I could eat all the healthy stuff I usually hate... Ugh, but that's so responsible. Fuuuck. [Again, she slumps until her chin rests on the table with her arms draped over it, a veritable picture of laziness. And a whiner. What is this woman, twenty-five or two?] And it's cold again.

...On the other hand, this also means I can drink some of the less-tasty booze I've found... Hm. It's a thought. [And there's a second or two before she pokes at the PCD to turn it off.]
[The camera view is a quick sweep of a suddenly mostly empty apartment she wasn't expecting to be empty. Everything's neat, and nice, and Jiraiya's, judging by the stacks of art supplies left.

The laugh Anko gives is tired, mirthless--like if she didn't laugh she might yell instead.

Well that's one helluva birthday present.

Jiraiya-san's gone too.

[She absently flicks at a rubber bat hanging from the ceiling above her head, thanks Animus. And then a sigh.]


Plus it's that one harvest holiday again, isn't it? Hmph. ...Since it's my birthday--as of, oh, fifteen minutes ago--clearly you should give me candy, right?

[She grins over the prospect of candy for her birthday, (sort of) effectively covering up any other no-so-happy feelings that might have been there just before.]
[In one hand, Anko's holding an open bottle of, well. Something. In the other, a scroll that won't mean anything to anyone except, maybe, to Hyuuga Neji, since he got one too, once upon a time.

After a moment or two, she tosses it on the bed with a sigh.

Guess that raincheck isn't gonna get called in anytime soon, huh?

[She seems to have been addressing the scroll, sitting inertly on her bed. She takes a long drink from the bottle, shakes her head.]

And almost everyone else around here worth getting drunk with's gone too. How 'bout that?

[Another sip, which seems to galvanize her into at least some action, grabbing the PCD off of the crate she uses as a table and into her pocket. The feed times out after a few seconds of bumping around in her pocket.]

[ooc note: Anko seems pretty calm here, right? But anyone reading emotions this week may notice that she's a lovely combination of frustrated, pissed off (somewhat with herself) and a little bit lonely because, dammit, people keep leaving her.]
Accidental video]

[The video starts with the PCD clattering onto a random piece of concrete, as there's another crash in the background.]

What the hell was she doing?

[Another crash, sounded like glass this time. Seem Anko's rejoined the land of the conscious and fully aware. As she passes through the camera's view, yes, she is indeed out of those clothes Rhode dressed her up in.]

Little maggot! [And another crash. Because taking your frustrations out on a poor, defenseless abandoned building is so productive.]

[Yeah, Anko's super-pissed. Not only did the girl that really killed her try and befriend her... not only did Anko fall for it until Allen outed her... but the girl then had the gall to take Anko out in her own head again and, to add insult to injury...]

...dressed like a fucking princess... So fucked up.

[Yeah, that. The worst part is... somewhere deep in there, she knows that she might have pulled that prank herself, once. Befriending someone because they don't know your death had been--or would be, in her case--at her hands. So she can see Rhode's motivation in there, and she doesn't want to and that just makes her more angry and more thing-smashy.]

[Finally, after a few more seconds of Hulk-worthy smash, Anko notices that her snake has found her PCD, and that it's on. She stomps over to pick it up.]

No, I don't want to talk about it. Go bother Rhode if you feel the need to bug someone about it.
[If your character gets motion-sick easily, they might not wanna watch this post. Since the feed starts when the PCD, uh, flies out of Anko's pocket to land skewed on the churned-up ground, and what on the feed doesn't help either once the device lands.

Because it seems like Anko's having lots of fun with these new Angel toys. As evidenced by the fact that there seems to be a lot of blood and very sharp metal in the air. Anko herself is a near blur of swift, angular destruction, tearing through souped-up limbs and reinforced spinal cords like she's been doing this since she was tiny.

The occasional, slightly sadistic laugh as she tears through them though, well. That might be a little scary.

Only a few seconds of this frenzied motion before everything quiets, then a moment or two of this silence before Anko, looking breathless and blood-spattered but unwounded and not a little pleased with herself, picks up the PCD.

Remind me what I'm s'possed to do with these bastards again? Burn 'em?

Haaa, haven't had that much fun in a long time!

[She stretches, still grinning, and turns off the feed. She may not approve of these Angels, but the girl knows how to have a little fun]


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